Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mahmoud Abdulaziz pronounced clinically dead

The culture and music community in particular and the entire country was deeply shocked by the announcement that renowned singer Mahmoud Abdulaziz is clinically dead. The announcement was initially made in the Jordanian capital Amman on Monday by Dr. Omer El-teib, Managing Directorof Ibn El-Haitham Hospital where Mahmoud was flown last week in a private jet following a 10-day bedridden spell in Khartoum's Roya Care Hospital where his health began to rapidly deteriorate.

Dr. El-teib made the painful revelation that the hospital is waiting for family permission to pull life support systems to officially announce the death of the singer.

Singer's profile:

Mahmoud Abdelaziz, (Al-hoot), as he is affectionately known to millions of fans, was born on October 17, 1967, in Khartoum Hospital and grew up in Al-mazad neighborhood in Khartoum Bahri.
The singer was an outstanding talent as a kid who loved to sing and act, and showed an early gift for memorizing and performing songs in a way which fascinated everyone around him.
He went to the Egyptian Evangelical School in Khartoum, taking with him his passion for art and later joined Elhuriya elementary school where he began to shine and reveal more talent and skill. Mahmoud studied art, especially drama, at the Youth and Children Palace drama section in Bahri at the hands of such great mentors as the late director, Magdi Al-nour.
Mahmoud made his first drama appearance on national TV in a televised play, in a role for which he was handpicked by well-known actor Sherif Mohamed Ali, and, as usual, did not fail to impress.

The legendary singer continued his journey in singing and music. He began singing great renditions of great classics by other famous early singers and became an instant success.
His first live concert came during a national celebration attended by the late Sudanese president Ja’afar Nimery. Showing great admiration for the young performer, Nimery honored Mahmoud with the Young Scout award.
The singer was also known to fans as "Al- Jan", Arabic for genie, because of his distinctly booming voice.

In 1995 the Hassad music label produced his second album “Sakat Al-Rabab”, in Moscow with the help a Russian orchestra which lavished praise on Mahmoud’s voice calling his vocal cords a powerful musical instrument which reverberates across the entire vocal range.
Abdulaziz, always a philanthropist, enriched his Sudanese community and humanity at large with a great musical legacy. He released 29 music albums and CDs.

Public reaction to the announcement:

The announcement shocked fans who split into two groups, some denying and others accepting the news. The latter mourned the singer throughout social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and local websites from which the following quotes have been selected.

“It was with great grief that we received the very sad news about our beloved singer Al-hoot, we wish him a quick recovery”.

“Your songs gave us wings. Your absence will leave us in a desolate wasteland. You will always be singing in our hearts”.

"Our sympathy is extended not just to his family but to the millions of fans across the country." It is a great loss for the entire nation”.

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